Monthly Budget – March 2019

Ever have one of those months when you wish you were a rich person who didn’t have to worry about the price of gas going up ten cents?

Yeah. Me too.

Oh Colorado, I love you and I hate you. Why oh why does it cost six hundred and two dollars to register my car? Like jesus christ guys, come on.

It’s been a long month.

Sometimes I’m so afraid to look at what I’ve spent over the span of 7 days that I just don’t. I put off doing my weekly budget until the next week starts and I know I’m starting fresh. Which is OKAY to do. Nobody in their right mind (sorry accountants) really likes to know exactly how much money they’re spending when they know they should be sticking to their budget. And that’s okay; welcome to humanity.

Here’s my cringe worthy budget for March 2019.

I spent – $3430.78

I made – $2738.10

February Leftovers – $2259.65


My budget per week is supposed to be two hundred dollars.

Here’s what really happened –

Week One – $323.63

Week Two – $264.41

Week Three – $232.87

Week Four – $168.78

See how week four is the smallest amount? Getting my car registered at the beginning of the week put my money situation into perspective. Thank goodness for my wonderful boyfriend who graciously offered to take me to dinner on Wednesday on his dime, you and that Tuna Kebab are sweet baby angels. (any MFM fans out there?)

As far as my weekly budgets go, I don’t write my big payments in there, like rent, car insurance, and so on.

I spent…

$800 on rent

$288.37 paying off propane

$577 on my car payment

$602.79 on my car registration (what the fuck Colorado)

$172.93 on car insurance


Basically, my wonderful new Toyota 4Runner is a money pit. New rims one day? Nooooope. Cargo roof rack for camping? Definitely not.

I have a whole list on my phone of things I want to buy this summer. Maybe I’ll be able to afford half of it. That would be a miracle.

Did I mention that even with a budget I’m still eating, and well? I spent ninety bucks on groceries last week. For some reason I’ve been craving fresh greens like no other. Maybe I almost cried a little when the cashier rang everything up, BUT I have fresh fruits and veggies for the next two weeks ! Suck on that Colorado car registration.

There you have it, the monthly budget of a paycheck to paycheck living 23 year old residing in the ever expensive Colorado.

If you take nothing else from this blog, remember that it is absolutely possible to live a life that makes you happy even under the constraints of a budget.

There are tons of people making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, and just two years ago I was making $11 an hour working two jobs just to pay for my one bedroom shared apartment. What I’m really saying is, if I can do it, you can too. (so motivational, *eye roll*)


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